MARCH 2015

This project started to allow users to upload product photos when they are submitting product review. To achieve this we needed to edit the review submit form and display them in the reviews block on the product display page. Overall, this feature helps other customers visualize products in their own space.

We also introduced the functionality of being able to sort and access product reviews information more quickly. Our objective was to increase conversion as well as gain data on what product information customers cared about through click tracking. We tagged each individual review if it contained certain words in nine tag attributes: Value, Quality, Design, Assembly, Durability, Comfort, Accuracy, Color, and the word Love. Then, we put a grid on the top of the reviews section on the product detail page that allowed users to click on each of these attributes. The reviews shown on that product detail page then refreshed to only show reviews that mention those attributes, with the specific matched word highlighted.