DEC 2017 - july 2018

Deloitte Digital helps companies become digitally mature organizations. Deloitte needed guidance in turning their own research findings into something digital and more of an engaging, interactive experience for their clients to better solve for their needs.

The Client

Deloitte Digital evaluates their clients on a set of 23 DNA traits that are typically embedded within their models. All organizations' DNA levels vary between four categories along Deloitte Digitals maturity spectrum. Deloitte wanted to create a in-house system for their clients to be able to see their results, keep track of their tasks and progress, and revisit results when they wanted. 

My Task

I came on board to design and ultimately help create this digital, in-house system. Through rounds of on-site workshops, wireframes, design iterations, and brainstorm sessions with the team, we were able to successfully create a place for Deloitte's clients to see their reports, stay up to speed on their digital status, map their trajectories, and stay on course for their overall progress in becoming more digital. Within the dashboard, there was a need for infusing Deloitte's viable suggestions to the company and implementing a project tracking system where users could keep up to date on what to do to ultimately become more digital. 

Project Tasks:
1) In-person workshops including (not limited to) marketplace research, personas / user stories, journey mapping, business requirements & site mapping.
2) Product onboarding
3) Dashboard design - 4 total sections (responsive design)
          1) Ability to view overall DNA findings (through graphs, animations, charts, infographics, etc.)
          2) Ability to view each trait score and what went in to determining that value to ultimately find what areas needed to be worked on most
         3) Show steps of how to infuse these tasks within business procedures and a project tracker to see project status
          4) Explore and filter raw data and survey results


Per my client's request, this rest of this project is private.
If you're interested in learning more about this project, please contact me for access to full project description, prototype, and demo.

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