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APRIL 2015

This project was for a homepage redesign that would accommodate modules that could display personalized slices of the catalog to individual users. This homepage redesign was to cater to customers who wanted to discover and browse compelling product/content that was relevant to them. These modules were designed with the intent to display previews of curated collections of SKUs.

Customer goals were for them to use simple navigation paths and engage with relevant messaging to fulfill their product needs. For new customers we wanted to drive activation, acquire customers, increase engagement, communicate our offering, and use merchandising placements to communicate strategic initiatives such as custom upholstery and media. For returning visitors we wanted to also drive frequency and give compelling reasons for users to visit often for personal inspiration, relevant sales, and to fulfill their product needs.

Through this redesign, we wanted to offer a delightful, fluid UX experience, give prominence to our navigation, and display multiple messages in a digestible format with established hierarchy.