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feb 2018

The Client

Scotch 80 Steakhouse is in Las Vegas. It is a classic steakhouse that serves contemporary menu items and exquisite cocktails. They specialize in scotch and also have an extensive selection of champagnes. They cater to the Vegas crowd, including influencers, celebrities, and tastemakers. Scotch 80 offers a refined dining experience that later evolves into a nightlife destination.

My Task

My task was to create ads and invitations to promote Scotch 80. Direct mail invites were for its exclusive kick off event, which included a 2 night stay and a complementary dinner.

*Note: Branding direction, including logo, colors, theme and interior had been previously designed.


  • Art Direction: exclusive, classic, elegant, and a bit edgy

  • Have the invitation give an introductory feel to what they will experience as guests


I incorporated lots of navy and gold within the invitations. This not only followed the existing color palette, but evoked a sense of elegance and class. A lot of the invitations also had an extra edge to them. By tucking them in a box or creating a unique die-cut, guests knew they were receiving something special in the mail.

Within the ads, we wanted to show a bit of an avant-garde vibe. This showed who the typical patrons were and also set the tone for what guests will experience.


Event Invitations


Print Ads