APRIL 2017


KAYAK's profile section is currently settings only. We wanted to transform the profile experience to be all about the user and everything that pertains to them, including their upcoming trips and saved items. 

When starting to do desktop-based research, I discovered that many similar sites also combine favorites lists as well as things pertaining to trips as well as settings. However, many sites also kept these separate. For KAYAK, it made sense to put all of this functionality together from a "pre-trip (watchlist), in-trip (trips), and post-trip (past trips, and saved settings for next bookings)" standpoint. This then affected how users saved items and ultimately where those saved items go - into the watchlist. This change also moved trips under profile, which used to be two separate navigation items.

Tying all of these navigation items and actions together work out nicely for a user. When a user saves something, it goes into their watchlist. From the watchlist, they can either search it again, or go to that particular trip that the saved item is tied to where they can manage their saved and booked items together. This created a more seamless trip management process for the user. In addition, if they wanted to tweak anything in their saved traveler settings, it would be right there as well for easy access. 


initial sketches




mobile mocks

For mobile, since we wanted quick accessibility to search, watchlist (saved items), users' trips, and settings, we pulled them out as a separate navigation icons in the toolbar. This also follows a pre-trip, in-trip, post-trip structure although it is more surfaced and prominent on mobile.