NOV 2017 - jan 2018

The Client

Marriott's westdrift Manhattan Beach is a boutique hotel that delivers the best of both the East and West Coast. The East Coast contributes to its sophisticated style, while the West Coast provides a laid-back vibe.

westdrift offers an array of activities for their guests. It hosts a nine-hole golf course, lush outdoor pool and a communal-focused restaurant to name a few. The hotel also serves as a venue that caters to a large number of guests for weddings, corporate retreats, meetings, and more.

My Task

My task was to create a website for the hotel that encapsulated the hotel's vibe and style as well as its vast amount of offerings. I worked off existing wireframes that had been already approved by the client. The client loved large imagery, bold pattern, and not a lot of copy.


  • Art Direction: Playful, bold, whimsical. More focus on photos to be very visual.

  • Include large amount of imagery to showcase hotel and its offerings

  • Include playful animations

  • Make hotel offerings easy to find on site


I incorporated immersive photos with hover overlays that held most of the copy. Patterns are throughout the website and also found within the hover overlays. This allowed the pages to stay bright and airy, yet clean and focused on the hotel offerings.